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4 ways YouTubers can earn from Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is the most powerful way of earning some passive income today. The potential is endless, you just need to start the right way. Choose the right product for promotion and show it the way your audience likes it using youtube videos.

Before we begin, do you know what is a YouTube affiliate?

Youtube affiliates are people who create videos with the aim of promoting the product and encouraging you to buy them using their link from a third party website.

They are different from regular youtube channels as they make money by displaying an advertisement in their videos.

Each time the customer uses your link to buy any product, you get a commission. The video could be about product reviews, unboxing a product, or let’s play videos.

It’s very easy to get started. Sign up with any affiliate program, create a video of your product, and start placing the affiliate link.

Here, I would discuss in detail the 4 ways any YouTuber can earn from affiliate marketing:

Get an affiliate link for YouTube affiliate marketing

For those who are not already familiar, an affiliate link is a way through which a company tracks whether a sale happened on companies website through your link. When a customer checks out your link and makes a purchase you get a commission from the company.

Affiliate marketing is trending and so almost every brand is using some sort of affiliate program to promote their brand. 

Sign up for an affiliate program

Now the question is, which affiliate program would be the best to start with? There are various affiliate programs that are available such as Amazon Affiliates, ShareASale, Commission Junction, Click Bank, eBay Affiliate. These are some of the popular names. You can go and explore the details yourself and decide which one to apply for.

Top 5 Affiliate Marketplace that is good to join for newbies.

Integrate affiliate link in a youtube video

Once you have decided which affiliate marketing program to start with, decide the product you will be promoting. Generally, product reviews or unboxing is a good way you can start with. Review a product and put its link in the description. Similarly, unbox a product and tag it in the description. The audience who will watch your video, will click the link after seeing the review and might buy the product. Your video should be of high quality and must have engaging content.

Make wise use of the “Description section”

Below are the points which you should keep in mind while utilizing the section:

  • Your descriptions should be such that viewers can find your videos easily. Place the most important keyword in the beginning.
  • This is the most important field where viewers first check and decide whether to watch the video. Explain your video correctly in the first part of the description. In the second part, you can give other key information which viewer might need after watching the video such as social media links, channel information, etc.
  • Once you’re done with adding the description, check it on another device and see how it looks. Also, check whether it is engaging the audience, how it is performing.
  • Provide links to your previous related videos and use the hashtags for wider reach.



So now that you know how to begin with youtube affiliate marketing, you can start creating videos and uploading within an hour. But there is a learning curve to everything new that you do. Upload your first content and gather feedback. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not performing well. Try again, refine your technique and you will start creating high-quality content soon.

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