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5 best Affiliate Marketplaces To Join for Newbies in 2021

Affiliate Marketplaces

Are you hard working and looking for some passive income source online in 2021? Then you have come to the right place.

Affiliate marketing is the best option for you to earn some good income if you are ready to do your task efficiently.

I know you are starting as a newbie and you will have to take care of a number of things.

Starting with, what is Affiliate Marketing? It is a marketing program where people earn a commission by promoting other people’s/companies’ brand or product.

You promote a product, generate sales, and get a commission in return.

First of all, as a beginner, it is important that you research every product or services before choosing. 

Second join groups, channels, and forums for more ideas. Connect with experienced affiliates and get their insights.

Third and most important is to know your audience. Understand what they want and offer your product in a way they want it.

Now, here is the list of the 5 best Affiliate Marketplace that is good to join for newbies.


Commission Junction

It is also known as CJ Affiliate. It is a 20-year-old affiliate program that helps you earn a high commission. To start with, make an account first and verify your email. Then fill out the necessary information required on the page you’re redirected to and after that, you will be directed to the dashboard. You will need a website, bio, and plan for driving traffic to your website. Once you have filled in this information you’ll be good to go. 

They will also provide you access to a number of tools such as charts, graphs, searches, etc. which will help you in sales.

Why should you consider joining CJ Affiliates?

  1. They are old and one of the best affiliate programs.
  2. They have to tie up with most of the biggest websites.
  3. They offer a wide number of niches and products for you to promote.
  4. Once you have signed up, you will have access to customer insights- data and metrics that will help you in sales.
  5. Various promotion options are available such as banner, text, flash, pop-ups, etc.
  6. You can track your link performance easily by real-time monitoring.

Click here to join CJ.

Amazon Associates

Amazon associates are the first online affiliate marketing program started in 1996. They have helped various marketers make money by advertising to the number of shoppers, since the beginning.

Why should you join Amazon Associates?

  1. A wide range of products is available to choose from.
  2. Trusted and loyal
  3. Free sign up and easy to join
  4. A variety of promotional options such as banners of different sizes are available. Seasonal promotional deals are also available.

Click here to join Amazon Associates



ShareASale is a beginner-friendly affiliate marketing network and is in the business for the last 18 years. ShareASale offers everything from products to software services and has exclusively 1000 merchants listed on its platform.

Why should you consider joining ShareASale?

  1. It provides info on the effectiveness of the merchant you work with.
  2. Gives required information about your affiliate product such as the average sale, conversion rate, EPC (earnings per click), and their rank.
  3. Access to coupons and deals to promote your product.
  4. Real-time monitoring service to see how your link is performing.

Click here to join ShareASale



One of the widely used affiliate marketing network which started in the year 1998. It offers a variety of affiliate programs from travel to parenting to self-help to real state and SEO. 

Why you should consider joining ClickBank?

  1. Most reputed affiliate network
  2. Commission of up to 75% is available 
  3. A recurring commission option is available on a number of affiliate products.

Click here to join ClickBank


eBay affiliate

eBay is one of the biggest online platforms and has a wider global reach in 13 countries. eBay provides tools to promote their products on your website, mobile app, etc. You need not be an exclusive marketer, you can rather work with other affiliate marketing programs too while working with eBay. 

Why you should consider joining eBay?

  1. You can choose from millions of products available on their website.
  2. eBay has the largest affiliate market and biggest buyer base.
  3. High commission (40%-60%) 
  4. 200% referral bonus for new buyers

Click here to join eBay affiliate

Wrap up

Now that you have an idea about affiliate marketing and its marketplace, spend some more time exploring the niche and product you wanted to choose. Affiliate marketing is a fruitful option to earn money, you just need to do your homework right.

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