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5 Steps to Earning Your First Affiliate Commission

When I first heard that there is a way to make money online by doing affiliate marketing, I was not sure where to start. It is easy to earn commission through Affiliate Marketing once you’ve established yourself in this field, but what’s difficult is to get started! If you do not know the process and various aspects of affiliate marketing, then you will be confused. So, I thought of making this article where I’m going to be talking about how to earn your first affiliate commission online through 5 simple steps.

You see, when I started with Affiliate Marketing I tried to earn money through a lot of ways. I made quite a few mistakes, but that’s also how I became experienced in it. Slowly, things started to fall into a process. I was unstructured in my way before. Now I know exactly what steps need to be taken if someone is planning to earn from affiliate marketing. You don’t have to make the same mistakes which I did! Let me tell you, it is actually fun to earn by doing affiliate marketing. I hope you enjoy the steps and do let me know if the steps make sense with you. If you have any doubt, please leave your questions below. I hope the article helps you to start this journey towards earning your first commission.

Step 1 – Choose a Niche

First, choose your niche. What is that that excites you? Everyone has their subject/s of interest. What is yours? What is something you enjoy talking about? It can be fashion, fitness, wellness, anything, which, if given the opportunity, you would love to talk about. Choose a subject-matter in which you have considerable knowledge. 

Step 2 – Setting Up an Influencer Mindset

Having chosen your niche, start talking about it on the internet. Let people know that you are talking about it because you know about your niche and you believe that you can help people. When people start listening to you is when you become an influencer.

You must be able to write and explain in such a way that people see you as an expert in the field. Your knowledge about the niche should seep into your style of writing, so that, when you, for example, recommend a product, most of them buy it simply because you recommended it! Now you understand why having an influencer mindset is important –  it sets the tone and clarity as well as the confidence to write to an audience so as to convert them from readers into customers. 

Step 3 – Setting Up Blog

So you have chosen a niche and have an influencer mindset by now.  The next step is to set up a blog of your own and write content related to your niche regularly. If setting up a blog sounds too much to you, let me tell you – do not panic. Setting up a blog is pretty simple. I suggest you set up your blog on a free platform if you’re just starting out! There are various free blogging platforms like,, Wix.Com, and others. Free blogging platforms like the ones mentioned are cost-effective and easy to set up. Your content should be good and you must genuinely try to help people. Later when your blog is gaining popularity on the internet, you can purchase a domain and host a more detailed website, complete with search engine optimization. For now, start with either WordPress or

Step 4 – Setting Up Social Media channels

Everyone uses social media nowadays. Due to the large user scale, social media provide amazing platforms for content sharing. You can use social media platforms to share the content you write in your blog. You can promote your blog by sharing bite-sized content from your blog articles. This enables you to drive traffic to your blog to read the whole article. If your content is interesting, you will surely pull traffic towards your website.

Also, when you post in your social media, use a lot of appropriate hashtags as it will expand the reach of your post beyond your friend-list. Tell your friends by writing in the post to share it so that other people can also benefit from reading your content. This way, you will be exposed to a larger audience. Be regular in posting so that people get to see you every now and then on social media platforms. 

Step 5 – Choosing Affiliate products to sell

With the help of the 4 steps above, you are all set to rock and roll on the internet, now the next thing is to make money out of it. Depending on the niche that you’ve chosen, you need to choose the products that you can link with your article so that people click on it, and then if they buy using the link, you earn. There are a number of Affiliate marketing programs out there – Amazon Associates (the most preferred affiliate one these days), Clickbank, eBay Partners, ShareASale Affiliates.  There are some more such great affiliate sites where you can simply create your account and enroll yourself in their program and start finding affiliate products to promote in your blog. Choosing products which offer a higher commission will help you to make a good profit. However, keep in mind that the product needs to be relevant to your content, and should be useful as per your recommendation.

Those were the basic 5 steps that can help you get started. I will explain in-depth about Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Choosing Affiliate Products, Bringing Traffic, etc. So keep visiting our blog and subscribe to our email newsletter for information about online money making tips and more delivered right to your inbox.

I hope the steps will help you to get started. If you have any queries, please comment below and I will be happy to answer them.

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