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Airbnb Affiliate Program – Why was it Closed? & 6 Best Alternatives

Airbnb Affiliate Program

If you are planning on using the Airbnb Affiliate Program to promote your products, there are a few things you need to know first. 

Below you’ll find some info about the program, what products you can promote, and why you should do so.

Unfortunately, the program ended in March 2021. But, this should not stop you from knowing about this money-making program. 

You never know when they again decide to restart, and with all this information, you do stand a profitable chance.

So, stay tuned till the end of this blog.

What is the Airbnb Affiliate Program?

The Airbnb Affiliate Program is a money-making program that offers bloggers, publishers, and content creators a chance to earn money from promoting their websites. In order to qualify for the program, your website or mobile app must have a minimum of one million monthly visits.

To join the program, applicants must submit an application. If approved, they will receive marketing materials, including promotional tools. Aside from the standard commission, affiliates can also choose to earn referral fees for referring new hosts. These referral fees come in the form of travel credits, which can be used to pay for bookings.

Airbnb pays its affiliates a commission for each host signup, each guest booking, and each booking made through the affiliate’s link. 

Currently, Airbnb does not provide further details about its commission structure. But, it is expected that the company will start offering a payout plan in the future.


Does Airbnb have an Affiliate Program – How it Works?

The Airbnb affiliate program is a great way for travel bloggers and other influencers to earn money by promoting Airbnb. There are two main programs you can sign up for: 

This Airbnb affiliate program pays a percentage of commissions for each new booking made by visitors. You can earn a flat rate commission of $9, or you can earn a 25% to 30% percentage of the total service fee. Upon check-out, you receive your earnings.

This program is a passive revenue stream that you can earn by promoting Airbnb through your blog, social media, and other online platforms. It gives you three types of promotional tools to choose from: 

  • Widgets
  • Text links
  • Landing pages

This Airbnb Associates Program offers a variety of features that help users track and monitor their earnings and clicks. However, it is important to note that the program is not open to everyone. Some restrictions apply, such as using the Airbnb trademark and hiring an agent.

What Products Can You Promote for the Airbnb Affiliate Program?

It isn’t always easy to understand the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, so you must follow the beginner’s guidelines. The Airbnb Affiliate Program offers a variety of products and services that you can promote to earn a commission. From rentals and experiences to flight tickets, you can promote any product or service that appears on the Airbnb platform.

If you want to focus on rental properties, you can promote everything from apartments and houses to villas and chalets. You can also promote Experiences such as yoga classes, cooking lessons, and art tours. Flight tickets are another option for promotion through the Airbnb Affiliate Program.

In addition to these products, you can also promote gift cards that allow recipients to use them toward any purchase on the Airbnb platform. Furthermore, you can promote exclusive discounts and deals offered on the Airbnb platform.

Promoting these products through your website or social media channels will help you earn a commission from Airbnb. Overall, there are many different products and services you can promote through the Airbnb Affiliate Program. 

In addition to finding the best tools, you’ll also need to learn how to get people to click on your links. Luckily, there are 25+ strategies you can use to help boost your SEO rankings.

Why Did Airbnb End its Affiliate Program?

In March 2021, Airbnb decided to discontinue its affiliate program. The program, which was in place for over a year, was intended to promote Airbnb and recruit new hosts. It was one of the most lucrative programs in the travel industry.

However, the program has been largely forgotten. Travel bloggers are looking for alternatives. The company recently announced the launch of a new marketing campaign. They hope to recruit more hosts and increase the number of bookings. However, there is no confirmation, and we must wait as the money-making program unfolds.

6 Best Alternatives to Airbnb Affiliate Program

If you are an active blogger, there are several other ways to earn money with affiliate programs.


An alternative to the Airbnb Affiliate Program is Couchsurfing. This platform allows people from all around the world to make connections with each other and share their homes and experiences. 

Through this program, users can host travelers for free or at a cost depending on the agreement between parties. This program also provides an opportunity for hosts to earn money by providing experiences such as cooking classes, bike tours, and other activities. 

There are no fees associated with hosting through Couchsurfing, making it an attractive option for people who want to monetize their home or travel experience without paying fees.



This platform allows travelers to rent vacation homes and apartments from local owners. HomeAway offers competitive rates for both guests and hosts, as well as a range of features. The list includes the ability to book instantly, create customized listings, and manage reservations with ease. 

Plus, HomeAway provides access to more vacation rental options than Airbnb does, making it an ideal option for people who are looking for longer-term rentals or larger properties.


The Homestay Network

The Homestay Network is yet another alternative to the Airbnb Affiliate Program. This platform enables hosts to share their homes with travelers in exchange for a small fee, which helps them cover the costs associated with hosting. 

Additionally, Homestay Network also provides guests with access to cultural activities and experiences in their host country. This makes it an ideal option for travelers who are looking for a way to immerse themselves in a foreign culture.


The HouseTrip

The HouseTrip platform is another great alternative to the Airbnb Affiliate Program. Like Airbnb, this platform allows users to find and book rental properties online. 

However, unlike Airbnb, HouseTrip offers more affordable prices, exclusive discounts, and the ability to book in advance. In addition, hosts can list their properties on the platform for free, while guests are charged a small fee when they book.


The Vacasa

The Vacasa platform provides travelers with access to more than 100,000 professionally-managed rental properties in over 75 countries. Vacasa also offers competitive rates and discounts. It also offers a range of services, such as 24/7 guest support and the ability to book online with ease.

Finally, there’s — an alternative to the Airbnb Affiliate Program. This platform offers travelers access to more than 8 million rental properties in over 180 countries. With, users can compare prices across multiple sites, book online with ease, and save money by booking directly from the property owners. 

Plus, also provides its users with exclusive discounts and an easy-to-use mobile app.  All of these features make a great option for people who are looking to save money on their next vacation rental.



By exploring the various alternatives to the Airbnb Affiliate Program, travelers can find an ideal platform that suits their needs and helps them save money on their next rental property. Whether it’s Couchsurfing, HomeAway, the Homestay Network, HouseTrip, Vacasa, or — each of these platforms offers something unique that’s sure to fit any traveler’s budget and needs. 

So, you can choose any one of them for affiliate marketing. But, do remember, the most important thing to remember when using an affiliate program is to keep your content relevant to your audience. That means you’ll need to write articles and posts about your experiences. Also, include keywords that relate to the products or services you’re promoting. 

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