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Rakuten Review: Good or Bad?

Rakuten Advertising Review

Based on the Rakuten review, Rakuten Marketing, formerly known as Rakuten Advertising, is a pay-for-performance affiliate marketing network. The company claims to be the largest network of affiliate marketers on the Internet. In 2005, it claimed to be the largest affiliate network of its kind. The company has recently made some changes to its program and has begun to promote other types of affiliate marketing.

So, if you are looking forward to joining Rakuten marketing, then we have summed up all the detail in this guide. Go through this Rakuten review minutely.

What does Rakuten Advertising do?

Are you wondering – what is Rakuten? Rakuten advertising is a pay-per-performance affiliate marketing service provider. In 2005, the company claimed to be the largest affiliate marketing network on the Internet. However, the company has since been receiving criticism for its practices and has faced lawsuits from a number of affiliates. To avoid such problems, affiliates must take caution while using Rakuten’s services.

But, it also has a bright side, Rakuten Advertising’s model focuses on acquiring customers and improving brand engagement. Its peers recommend three key pillars: Advertisement, Sending & Publishing Communications, and Engagement Management. Based on the Rakuten review, the Rakuten Advertising team also uses artificial intelligence (AI) advisor Wyz to recommend the best practices for advertising and customer service.

How do I become a Rakuten affiliate marketer?

The first step in becoming a Rakuten affiliate marketer is to create an account. To register, go to the Rakuten Advertising homepage and select “Affiliate Publisher.” Enter your email address and password to create your account and begin working as an affiliate.

Rakuten’s affiliate program provides opportunities to promote many different brands and companies. You can promote products from top companies such as Macy’s or JetBlue. This network provides a great way to get your name in front of people who would otherwise be unable to find the products you’re selling.

You can earn a commission based on sales or on the number of visitors you send to a specific website. You’ll also have to comply with the applicable data protection and privacy laws when working with affiliate networks.

Is Rakuten Advertising part of Rakuten?

If you’re looking for advertising solutions, you might have heard of Rakuten Advertising. This Japanese online advertising network is a consolidated ad inventory that includes Rakuten TV, Viki, and Rakuten France. The network provides you with the opportunity to reach global consumers with your marketing messages while offering streamlined optimization and insights.

As part of Rakuten’s marketing division, Rakuten Advertising connects leading brands and agencies with consumers through a proprietary performance network and a differentiated suite of marketing solutions. The Rakuten Advertising network is a division of the 6th largest eCommerce company in the world and leverages exclusive data from the Rakuten group to deliver relevant ads to customers.

Rakuten Advertising is a scalable affiliate marketing program that has helped clients realize significant business growth. It is ranked as the #1 affiliate network by IPMA and mThink. The Rakuten Advertising team is equipped with deep industry knowledge and expertise to help marketers develop effective strategies. Connecting to Rakuten Advertising’s network is easy and requires just a few minutes. Once you’re connected, you can access over three thousand advertisers and their data.

How does Rakuten Advertising make money?

Rakuten advertising uses affiliate marketing, a form of online marketing. By directing traffic to a partner’s website through a link on your website, you can earn commissions from those clicks. This method is commonly known as pay-per-click or PPC, and it is similar to advertising on Google or Facebook. Rakuten also makes money by selling its marketing data to other businesses and marketing agencies.

To generate revenue, Rakuten sells advertising space on its site to retail partners, who in turn pay Rakuten a referral fee for the advertising space. In exchange, Rakuten offers users a percentage of their purchases through its retail partners. This revenue helps Rakuten fund its operations.

Rakuten Marketing Review: What is LinkShare?

Rakuten LinkShare is a simple way to monetize your website without the hassle of ad-buying. LinkShare automatically rotates eight ad units at random. It also allows you to test the performance of your ads, kill them, and create customized deep links. It is a great choice for marketers who want to generate more traffic to their sites.

Rakuten LinkShare is a marketing network that utilizes the latest technology to place your ads in strategic positions. The network also uses machine learning and high-quality security measures to protect your personal information. The Rakuten LinkShare network has partnered with some of the world’s largest companies and has access to a worldwide membership team.

Rakuten review: Editorial View

Rakuten has its origin in Japan. Based in Tokyo, it is a Japanese electronic commerce and Internet company. Rakuten Ichiba is its B2B2C e-commerce platform, and it is the largest e-commerce site in Japan. Moreover, by sales, Rakuten is among the world’s largest.

So, let’s discuss the pros and cons when talking about Rakuten Review – 

The Pros

  • A wide variety of products and services: Rakuten offers its customers a wide variety of products and services. This makes it a one-stop shop for many shoppers.
  • Competitive prices: Rakuten often has competitive prices on items, making it a great place to price compare before you make a purchase.
  • Super Points program: Rakuten has a loyalty program called Super Points, which allows customers to earn points on every purchase that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

The Cons:

  • Shipping costs: Rakuten does not offer free shipping on all items like some other online retailers. This can add to the cost of your purchase, especially if you are buying multiple items.
  • Customer service: There have been some reports of poor customer service from Rakuten, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase.
  • Returns policy: Rakuten has a 14-day return policy, which is shorter than some other online retailers. This means you need to be sure you are happy with your purchase before you finalize it.

Summing Up

Overall, Rakuten is a great option for online shopping. It offers a wide variety of products and services at competitive prices. Just be sure to research the item you are interested in and read the returns policy carefully before making your purchase.

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