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How to Write Affiliate Product Reviews that Actually Sell


“Unique” sells – it’s really and literally that simple. It’s what distinguishes a “brand” from a “company” in a competitive marketplace. It attracts attention, fosters an instant connection, and positively influences the audience perception to support conversion into sales. The same mantra applies to Affiliate Product Reviews – if it’s unique, it will sell!

Let’s navigate you through 9 pointers on writing effective Affiliate Product Reviews to accelerate sales (and make money!).

Develop your own brand image first!

While it won’t happen overnight, developing and maintaining credibility is crucial for “influencing” audience behavior. If you have found your niche (technology, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, sports) and a platform (website, blog, etc.), the next aspect you should focus on is building a reliable digital persona.

To do: Add a face (your photo) beside your byline, include a short bio along the side bar, and incorporate a digital signature below your review to boost authenticity of your opinions. Invest in a professional photoshoot to craft a desirable brand image that aligns with your niche.

Identify the target audience

Do they prefer Fossil or Rolex? Elton John or Freddie Mercury? Vegan or Paleo? You need to identify and dissect the geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral tendencies of your target audience to be able to make a difference with your reviews and generate sales. This process also helps ascertain the obstacles to sales.

To do: Conduct thorough research on your specific demographic, conduct surveys if need be, and accurately chart audience preferences to anticipate purchasing tendencies.

Opt for value-based selling

The idea is to celebrate your audience and review products which may be of use to them. The demographic you select may be prone to impulsive or consultative buying tendencies, but your goal should be emphasizing on the “value” or benefits of the products.

To do: Instead of highlighting too many features across the review, elaborate on the benefits that those features may be providing. Steve Jobs could have easily sold the iPod as a portable music device, but he chose to sell it as “1,000 songs in your pocket”.

Create a signature content style

Your audience should not just be able to connect with your reviews, but should follow your blogs and updates for future recommendations. Develop and maintain a unique style of writing to build patronage – make sure to highlight the pros, but also honestly state the drawbacks to develop a genuine connection with the audience.

To do: You could opt for slideshows, add pop-up trivia beside the reviews, or add a bunch of real-time images to corroborate your opinions. The “Test and Analysis” template works brilliantly for Affiliate Product Reviews because it instantly engages a potential customer, but find ways to add your own signature style to it.

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Enable connection through story-telling

You are more likely to grab the attention of potential buyers if your review comes in concise bullet points, but weaving your review into a story-like format will help you retain that attention. While the language and tone of a review should depend on the product being reviewed, adding a summary of pros and cons below the Headline will attract more conversions.

To do: An experience-sharing approach may work best for travel-based products, but technology-driven items call for an informative tone. Remember to conversationally educate the audience, don’t preach!

Optimize the content with SEO tools

Never ever underestimate the power of SEO and keywords. In this Digital Age, keywords and search engine optimization are absolutely essential to ensure adequate hits, visits, views, and conversions.

To do: Sprinkle your reviews with adequate keywords to draw attention but not too much to overwhelm. You could use tried and successful buzzwords such as ‘unique’, ‘first-ever’, ‘low cost’, ‘best quality’, ‘the best in the market’, ‘east to use’, ‘discounted’, ‘new’, ‘latest’, ‘successful’, ‘quirky’, ‘trending’.

Increase audience engagement

While Affiliate Marketing is supposed to be a win-win for the blogger and the product owner, it’s the audience response that both stakeholders depend on. Therefore, it’s imperative that you engage the audience with interactive solutions and pave way for productive communication.

To do: Incorporate segments for comments on the reviews and invite customer reviews and remarks to develop a loyal and eager audience-base. Seek out testimonials for your review services, use of language or dexterity of trade to further build your brand, as a subject matter expert in the niche.

Try paid channels to widen reach

If you are a beginner in the area of Affiliate Product Reviews, it may be a while before you gain enough popularity or credibility to attract loyal readers. Considering the limited bandwidth of word-of-mouth publicity, it would be ideal to invest in paid promotions.

To do: Ironically, while a large section of the audience for product reviews seek for genuine evaluations and criticisms, most of them tend to rely on ‘numbers’ – the number of followers the blogger has, the number of likes on reviews, the number of comments generated and their ratings. Investing in paid promotional services can not only benefit your own brand but also help the product owner involved.

Harness the power of social media

Once you have the content in place, go all out and promote Affiliate Product Reviews, your brand, and your website/blog across multiple social media platforms.

To do: Invest adequate time to build and develop your social media presence to enhance your credibility. Your page is more likely to attract hits if you have a strong social media presence, which people can explore to ascertain your likes/dislike and forge behavioural connections. This connection will encourage a sense of reliability, thereby enhancing the impact of your reviews.

What are your proven techniques of writing affiliate product reviews that sell? Share with us.

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